Executive Producer (K. Simmons Productions)

Kendrick Simmons is a loving husband, a leader in his community and is becoming an unstoppable  force  in the television and motion picture industry. After graduating from Leeward Community College's Television Production Program he has produced shows on KHON2 and produced commercials for brands such as: The UFC GYM BJ PENN, KYANI, LIONS CLUB INTERNATIONAL, EYE OF THE PACIFIC GUIDE DOG FOUNDATION, OLELO COMMUNITY TELEVISION and MEDIA, ADVOCATES FOR AFRICA'S CHILDREN and SET YOUR SAILS TRAINING SYSTEMS. 

Kendrick's first film, The Tattoo Club- Kenji the Rising Son,  was selected in the 2020 Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival and from then on Kendricks focus has been to create opportunities,  jobs and shine a light on local, creative individuals in the movie and television industry.

​​"It's not just about creating movies and making money , It's about creating opportunities  and generating wealth. Teaming up with the right people, for the right reason will insure the right results" 

Not only has Kendrick proven to be a leader and an individual that knows how to build from the ground up he has donated countless hours producing a number of videos for non-profit organizations, He is the president of his community association and a member of the Lions Club. 

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