• Shervelle Bergholz

Bring Your Dreams!

I have a picture of me as a baby girl that I keep close to me. It is a picture of me in a full body cast. For a person who is not familiar with the story of how I came to be in that cast, seeing a small child in that condition can be quite jarring.... were it not for the wide grin plastered across my face.

Just for the record, when I was a little less than a year old, my mother was running from a dog. She had a precarious hold on me and as she ran, I steadily slipped from her arms. My legs got wrapped into hers and she fell on top of me breaking my small, fragile pelvis. She tells me that as they took me away from the scene of the accident, she was yelling, "I broke my baby!"

I have no recollection of the incident or the subsequent recovery time. I only have that one picture of me smiling, the impish grin a beatific reminder of the childish joy that refused to be contained by, even, a full body cast. I have to say, it is one of my favorite pictures of myself.

I know you're probably asking, why would such a grim reminder of an obviously painful time in my life be one of my favorite pictures? I think, in truth, its the smile. I stare at that picture, sometimes, to see if I can somehow call up from the dregs of my memory what I was thinking at that time. Was I in pain? Was I frustrated because I couldn't run with the other kids? How did I pee?! All of these questions are answered by that smile.

As I have gotten older, I would like to think that I have begun to understand the origin of that mischievous grin. It was a signal that, although I looked helpless, frail and broken, indeed, I was far from it. Somewhere in my childish innocence, I was not so far away from Source, that I could not remember I was a product of divine Love. In that Love, there was healing, comfort and, most of all, joy.

Yet, as time goes by, and we grow older and get farther away from Source, we 'forget' that we are a product of the same divine Love that created the Universe. We tend to forget that we all have talent and a purpose that can only be fulfilled by our presence on this Earth. Over time, as we forget more and more of who we are and, thus, our purpose, we tend to fill our time with mindless pursuits and the mind numbing cycle of going to work, coming home, doing chores, going to bed and doing it all over again the next morning. Dreams and hopes can fade while we find ourselves caught on the never-ending hamster wheel of life.

But, every now and again, we get a gentle nudge. We will experience a glimpse of the joy that can only be found walking in one's purpose. For me, it was directing my first play. It was something that I never thought about doing. Always the consummate performer and loving the spotlight, I never thought that being in the background would bring me much joy. It seemed like tedious work filled with managing actors, finding set and costumes pieces, finding venues, and worrying about money. Yet, in an instant, I said yes to a play that I loved and yes to friends and fellow performers who I knew would bring the play to life. I can honestly say that experience brought me closer to joy than, perhaps, anything I have done to date.

Thus, when I formed this new production company and my new VP, Terina Duncan, suggested that our motto should be, "Bring Your Dreams", it was PERFECT! I wanted this company to not just be a vehicle for my dreams but for all dreamers who have found the infinite joy of walking in their purpose. For all creatives, I wanted to be a haven of inspiration, collaboration and joy. To that end, we will feature new and exciting collaborations with fellow creatives. We are excited for all the things that we will create in the future!

Now, when I look at the picture of the smiling little girl with the body cast up to her chest, I understand her joy. I see now that the light in her eyes are the infinite possibilities that lay before her and I feel her joy. It cannot be contained!

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